Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order cuddly Pet toys on the website?

The FULEDPET Toys  website is not a retail website. You can browse many examples of the cuddly toys we could offer but our forte is creating a brand new design specifically aligned to your brand.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Our minimum order quantity for pet plush toys is 300 for each design. In some instances, orders below minimum order quantity can be processed but they might incur additional costs.

How can we order from FULED pet toy?

Send an email to our team or fill in our enquiry form. Our expert team will reply to you within 2 hours to assist you with your cuddly creation.

EMAIL ADDRESS: (Regional manager-Miya) Executive-Paula) manager-Alice)

Do I need my own designs?

No! We can work from any brief, so whether you have your own designs or concepts or not, we’ll be able to create something special for you. We have our own 3D character artists and all design work is included free of charge with batch orders.

Is it possible to order an item not presented on the website?

Yes, at FULED pet toy we can create… anything! The items presented on the website are only some of our suggestions. Our strength lies in designing and creating a brand new cuddly specifically aligned to your requirements. If there is an item your company is interested in ordering that is not highlighted on the website, please contact our and Send an email to our team or fill in our enquiry form