What kind of decoration techniques can I choose from?

We have options for every logo and budget. • Full-color print uses direct-to-garment printing (DTG) to spray dyes and pigments that absorb into the fabric. It's best for multicolor logos and artwork, large designs with fine details. • Full-color transfer uses heat to transfer your printed design onto the fabric, which creates a photo-realistic finish with a smooth texture. It's best for multicolor and small or detailed designs. • Single-color print uses screen printing, which pushes ink through a woven screen onto the fabric, creating a durable design with a "painted on" feel. It's best for designs in one color and solid graphics without fine details or gradients. • Embroidery uses detailed needlework to stitch your design onto the fabric, which gives lasting color, texture and a high-quality look and feel.

What material are the bags made from?

We offer a range of materials depending on your budget. Most of our custom printed bags are made from polyester, cotton or cotton canvas. You can find the exact materials on the product page for each bag.


1.Durable Portable: This dog backpack carrier is made of eco-friendly polyester, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, lightweight and easy to carry. With roomy space: 12.5*9*15 inch(L*W*H)). Recommend for pets up to 25lbs (Please measure the size and weight of your pet before purchasing this product). Providing the maximum convenience and comfort for your pet while hiking, traveling, camping.

2.Comfortable Ventilation Design: Pet backpack adopts a four-sided ventilation mesh setting, which not only ensures the circulation of air in the pet backpack, but also allows the pet to clearly observe the surrounding environment, thereby making the pet more comfortable and less anxious. The top of the pet backpack can be kept open to allow pets to stick out of the head; the sunshade can be folded and pasted to improve ventilation; or can be placed normally to prevent sun exposure.

3.Adjustable Shoulder Straps: The widened mesh shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable for breathability. Ergonomic design and adjustable chest strap and adjustable waist strap design can help reduce load and increase comfort, so that the shoulders are evenly stressed and reduce back pressure. In order to use the pet backpack more comfortably, it is recommended to adjust the shoulder/chest/waist strap to the most comfortable state before use.

4.Safety Design: The built-in safety strap can prevent the pet from escaping from the inside when opening the top, ensuring the safety of the pet. The top, bottom and front zippers have lockable function to ensure that your pet cannot open the door by itself, providing double protection.

  • When you take your pet to the beach.

    During the journey the pet could have a good view of the surroundings and breath freely, so that they will feel relaxed and peaceful with these backpack carrier.

  • When you take your pet out for a trip.

    This soft-sided Pet Carrier Backpack is made of premium polyester, durable to withstand scratching. Providing roomy space for your pet to stay comfortable during the trip. Fits most small sized dogs and cats.

  • When your pet needs to go to the doctor.

    Pet Backpack with a large expandable back gives your pet more room to move around and effectively reduces their anxiety when you don't want them to walk anywhere.

  • Soft removable fleece bed

    Soft removable plush bed for your pet to travel comfortably while adding reinforced structure and a sturdy base.

  • Zipper Design with Head

    This design is perfect for your pet to look out and for you to check on your pet

  • Big Space

    The pet backpack carrier with larger expandable back design provides more space for your pet to move around.

Let’s go to travel with our pet and breath the fresh air!

The FULEDPET Pet Backpack Carrier can take your pet to anywhere whatever you are traveling,camping,hiking or cycling.Perfect for you and your pet more comfortable to enjoy your trip.

For pet:

1.Breathable mesh+6 venting holes,ensures the air can 360°All-round cycle.

2.Expandable design,expand the space at any time if you want.

3.Transparent board,give a good view for your pet.

4.Safety hook inside the backpack,avoid your pet escape suddenly when you open the backpack.

5.Summer/winter Cushion,the cushion at the bottom of the backpack can make your pet more comfortable.

6.Steel ring structure,no matter how your pet moves,it will never collapse.

  • Four Entrances

    Our pet backpack includes four entrances. You can easy to put on and take out your pet. Six vent hole besind the pet carrier backpack, giving plenty of air for pets

  • Reflective Strip Safety At Night

    Bright reflective strip keeps you more safety when you and your pet walking in the dark light space.

  • Comfortable Back Soft Padded

    The should strap and back is made of soft and breathable sponge padded and mesh, allows you to carry your pet more relax and easy.

  • Large Pouches in Both Side

    The pockets on both sides can store water bottle, food and trash bags and some necessary accessories, like snacks, keys, cards or mobile phones and so on.

  • Double-sided Bottom Pad

    Bottom pad is designed of two material, cooling mat and sofe warm fabic, used in summer and winter respectively.

  • Inner Safety Leash

    Built-in retractable hook safety rope with anti-escape zip to prevent pets from escaping. And adopts lock-type zippers design to prevent the zipper from being opened by pets.

At FULEDPET, we focus on taking perfect care of your pet and are committed to providing you with something different, something better. The FULEDPET Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack comes with rear expansion design, large transparent acrylic window and super ventilated system, is designed to keep your pet protected, secure and comfortable when you are out with your pet, such as routine trips to the vet, travel, hiking or camping.


1. Measure your pet before purchasing. Do not select the backpack size based on weight only, please reference your pet's length(front feet to base of tail)and height(floor to top of head) in selecting a backpack size.

2. Different pet owners have different requirements for size. If you want more room for your pet to move around, please reserve enough space for your pet when comparing the size of the pet and the backpack.

  • 360° Airflow

    The 3 sides of the backpack come with 3 mesh windows and 9 venting holes, to keep the air circulating and fresh. Your pet can breathe freely and stay comfortable.

  • Expandable Space

    With the expandable design, the space inside the backpack can be doubled. The expandable part uses stable steel frame, can bear load without deformation.

  • 4 Entrances

    The backpack features front, rear and side openings, which allow for effortless entry and stress-free loading.

  • Ergonomic Design

    It provides adjustable padded shoulder straps, sternum buckle and waist buckles, to reduce the burden on shoulders and maintain the stability during travel.

  • Improved Mat

    The hard wooden board inside the cozy fleece mat can enhance the stability of the base while the large Velcro ensures the mat can be kept in place easily, no need to deliberately adjust the position of the mat.

  • Transparent Window

    It features a large transparent acrylic window, which is perfect for your pet to look out and for you to check on your pet (tear off the protective films on the both sides of the acrylic board before use).

4 Reviews
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 27, 2021

The mesh windows are made of a rubberized mesh which can stand up to cat claws, unlike the fabric mesh that a lot of these backpacks have, which makes them really only suitable for carrying dogs. 
Nice bonuses include the roll-up window, reflective strip on the bag, ease of collapsing for storage, and pockets on both sides of the backpack. The window can be unzipped even when you're wearing the backpack and your pet is inside, and (assuming your pet is small enough - I've only tried this with my small, but fully grown, 8 lb cat) they can stick their head out without falling out completely. Waterproof outer bottom.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2022

If you need to transport small pets, this is such a great idea. The carrier expands so when you're not wearing the pack, it can stretch out farther for your animals to have more room. There's plenty of ventilation and windows that can be unzipped for them to look out. There's pockets where you can keep pet food and supplies as well. Working well so far, so seems to be well made!

Stephanie Lynn
Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2021

I have the original Lollimeow Bubble backpack which is super cute! Just a little bit of a tight fit as my cat is large (Around 11lbs). I was happy to find this larger backpack. He loves it! I put him in it and he just hung out on his own even though he had the option to get out. He loved looking through the bubble. I would highly recommend this backpack for larger cats! He fit so much more comfortably in this than regular sized cat backpacks! It's built very sturdy as well. Very high quality!

Reviewed in Mexico on January 27, 2021

Me encantó la mochila, es de buen tamaño para un gato de 6 meses, para un gato adulto el tamaño justo.
Ha resistido los rasguños y peleas de gatos que van directo a atacar a mi gatito. La extensión de la Casita es ideal para que se estire y respire. Me encantó el producto.
La sugerencia de mejora es poner una bolsa trasera para meter tu tarjeta de identificación.