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The characters we design can often be tweaked to create fantastic merchandise to deepen your customers' attachment to your characters and to your brand.Looking for something not listed below? Get in touch and we'll work together to come up with the perfect product for your business


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Customer questions & answers

Is it possible to personalise a cuddly toy in my company’s colours?

Yes, of course! Each project is carefully designed in order to provide the client with intelligent adaptions and customisations for the Cuddly Toy they require. When used for promotion, cuddly toys present an excellent opportunity to strengthen the brand, and we make sure this is at the forefront of the designers' minds. Please supply us with your company Pantones or CMYK colours so we can match them perfectly. We also propose to you the opportunity to create exclusive designs for your company.

Can I order just one toy?

As we design and build every project from scratch we create completely unique plush toys and mascots for the brands we work with. The smallest batch we can create is 300 units.

But we provide you with a quick quote and design scheme, provide samples free of charge, now to send your inquiry

Are my toys machine washable

Soft toys are normally surface clean only to protect the composition of the stuffing. If you require your toys to be machine washable this is normally possible with the inclusion of a special lining in the seams. Washing instructions are included on the label.

Can I combine my brand logo with toys

We can design your brand name for you, your label, your logo, all your ideas tell usSend an email to

our team or fill in our enquiry form. Our expert team will reply to you within 2 hours to assist you with your cuddly creation.

EMAIL ADDRESS: (Regional manager-Miya) Executive-Paula) manager-Alice)

Do we get a volume discount?

Yes! Quantity is the biggest driver on price for us so the more toys you buy, the lower the prices get! We will be more than happy to quote for a variety of quantities to show you how the prices decrease with greater numbers.

Customer Reviews

Miss Barbara
Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2021

SuzieQ and Stu are two happy little pugs with their new chew-chews. Now they don't have to go searching for daddy's socks and underwear as they have some of their own to gnaw on. This is such a cute little duffle with laundry. The socks and tighty whities are larger than I expected. But Stu and Sue say they're "just right". Of course Sue was a little dubious of underpants looking back at her. 

Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2022

 I'd read reviews about this saying some dogs had removed the squeaker within the first 5 minutes...or was it seconds? Anyway, they were right, and my dog doesn't care. She has a great time with it! Yep, she got the squeaker out right away, but she has a wonderful time chomping down on it. She loves to bring it to one of us to throw so she can go attack it and munch away. so I consider it a big win! 

Ashley Chesney
Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2021

My dog loves this toy. He's honestly pretty rough with toys, but it squeaks and crinkles so he loves it. Luckily he's getting better with not immediately shredding toys, otherwise this would've been destroyed. I don't think it's a bad toy or not worth the money though. I just wish I had 1 more pickle to make it a little harder to get out. Probably gonna have to buy another or 2 since it's priced well and be loves it so much.

Doris Courteau
Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2022

My puppy is a very aggressive chewers. I have purchased many "indestructible " toys that were easily chewed. I love this chew toy. It is colorful and sturdy. I was impressed when I took it out of the package. It is sturdy enough to hold up to my Jack Russell and she loves it .