FULEDPET - Spread the cycling pleasant You’ll find an epic range of baskets for men and women, bike bags and baskets for children, not to mention handy bike baskets for your favorite canine. With our dog bike baskets, you can take your four-legged friend with you on your daily errands or trips to see friends and family.

For Safety Consideration

The two reflective stripes on our dog bicycle baskets will reflect the light at dark so as to increase you and your pet’s safety. You will also get one adjustable dog leash from this basket, with which you buddy can pop up to say hello to you and everybody coming across, while at the same time, greatly reduce the risk of getting our lovely pets exposed under some terrible accidents like suddenly jump out of the basket and cause hurt.

  • For Comfortable Consideration

    Our upgraded pet bicycle baskets are equipped with a mesh window to accelerate air circulation for our little four-legged friend.

  • For Comfortable Consideration

    Besides, there is also a waterproof nylon dog pad inside to make your pup feel more relaxed and comfy.

  • For Convenience Consideration

    Two supportive side pockets and one inside pocket are perfect for storing necessities, such as a leash, treats, keys, water bottle and other items. And it’s lightweight and practical so that you can carry it anywhere and use it as a shopping bag, grocery bag, commuting bag or pet carrier and dog bed.

  • Puppy On The Bikes
  • Puppy On The Hand
  • Puppy On The Shoulder
  • Adjust Dog Seatbelts

    When you use it as a dog bike basket, Our adjustable 15.5’’ sewn in leash offers comfort and security keeping your pet safe in the furry lift tote while you travel.

  • Reflective Stripes

    The bike basket has reflective stripes that are highly visible and reflective even in any kinds of weather.

  • Quick-Release Handlebar Mount

    This multifunctional bike basket attaches via a quick-release handlebar mount, making removal a snap.

Original Entrusted Manufacture&Original Design Manufacturer

Labor Saving Trolley

Better way to take your pet for longer travel.

FULEDPET cat backpack

Thanks to pioneering innovation and an insistence on using only high-quality materials, FULEDPET sets the market benchmark for Pet carrier backpack.

This time, we investigated the advantages and disadvantages of the existing pet carriers on the market, optimized the design, and made a more comfortable, convenient and practical dual-purpose carrier both for rolling carrier bag and backpack.

FULEDPET 4-in-1 Pet Carrier Travel Backpack for Dogs & Cats&Small Animals, Hold Pet up to 16 lbs.

  • Open the window enjoy the view!

    Give your pets better outdoor experience. They can enjoy the view just like you! You can carry the backpack in the front of your body. The front opening is nice to reach in and pet him when he's nervous. Don't worry about the safety. The built-in leash lock will ensure the security!

  • Easy to get in and out!

    Large opening for getting in and out.

    After a long trip, When you arrived at destination, you pet would be relaxed and walked out of the carrier very easily.

  • Easily Walk with Your Pet!

    · Take your furry friend with you!

    · This carrier would provide you and your pet both comfortable travel experience.

    · If you’re planning on traveling and need a carrier, Here is the Great Choice!